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About Swiftic

Swiftic helps businesses engage with their customers, know them better, and keep them coming back through our comprehensive Customer Loyalty Management (CLM) solution. We provide businesses with an extensive, branded solution that includes a management console (Swiftic Hub) and mobile app. The solution integrates customer engagement, loyalty, rich content, actionable business intelligence, social interaction, and automation capabilities, all in one platform. Our CLM solution is targeted to merchants who lack the time, money, and resources to manage a loyalty program on their own. It's an affordable, subscription-based model that's easy to set up and manage.

Swiftic's unique cross-platform technology, combined with actionable customer analytics, provides businesses with clear insights about their customers and about what actions to take in real time to drive higher engagement, repeat business, and overall business success. A leader in app creation since 2010, Swiftic remains committed to helping its members tap into the best of mobile technology. Swiftic grew out of Conduit Ltd., an international software innovation company.