For one, because our Content Marketing Manager insisted on it. That, and the fact that we’re a rowdy bunch of certifiable tech dorks who go gaga over anything mobile. And we’re not ones to keep our obsessions to ourselves, no matter who is on the other side of the screen. The bottom line? We’re here for you, whether you’re a fellow app addict or a potential convert with a flip-top phone.

What can we say? We eat, live, and breathe mobile, and we want to spread the joy by giving you the lowdown on how small businesses can make it in our app-nocentric world. Our blog will rock your world with information, anecdotes, and tricks of the trade. And to keep things lively (and our less technical readers awake…), we throw in occasional real-life bios of small businesses that have jumped on the mobile bandwagon and ridden off into the sunset to live hAPPily ever after. (Who doesn’t love a happy ending?)

There’s more to life than mobile, and more to a business than tablets and phones – we get it. We also get that running a business takes serious work. While we can’t offer you a magic wand that’ll make it all easier (not yet, anyway), you can leave the mobile stuff to us. We’re on a mission to make your mobile presence the easy part of your job. And we make it happen by bringing you solid advice, practical tips, and expert support from our pros. Most of all, we’re here to help you use your app to connect with your customers – after all, they are the life of your business – wherever they are, and whatever they happen to be doing.

Nothing makes us happier than sharing our knowledge (although Ben & Jerry’s Boston Cream Pie was a close runner-up). When it comes to mobile, we’ve been there and done that, and then some – and our experience has given us unique perspectives on the high-tech opportunities and challenges that small businesses face in the day-to-day. As the largest DIY app-creation platform out there, we have an unparalleled understanding of what it takes for today’s companies to make it on mobile. Yet we’re not annoying know-it-alls – we’re constantly learning – from each other, from you, and from our variety of guest bloggers, who include experts, movers, and shakers in the business and mobile worlds.

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