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The Business:

Muve Magazine is a lifestyle publication that has taken Oklahoma City by storm since its launch in 2012. The award-winning monthly magazine has the lowdown on just about everything around town, particularly when it comes to the city's music scene, current fashion, and local culture.

The Challenge:

Andre LaMont, Muve Mag's creator and founder, was looking for new ways to engage his local readers with news and features about arts and culture in the OKC community. The magazine itself was a big hit, but publishing an issue once a month just wasn't enough, as today's consumers have come to expect up-to-the-minute content updates from their favorite sources of information. LaMont knew that in order to keep readers tuned in to his magazine, he needed to provide them with the right information at the right time. This way, they'd be sure never to miss a cool event, emerging fashion trend, or the latest local news. He also knew that his readers were always "on the muve," and he needed to find a way to reach them anytime, wherever they happened to be. Since most of his readers—like most of today's consumers—spent the better part of the day on their mobile devices, LaMont wanted to make his magazine easily accessible on mobile. A mobile app was the perfect way to make sure readers could enjoy the content they loved on the go. The only question was how to do it quickly and professionally—without having to register for a programming course.


Special Features

news feed

News Feed

Latest updates on arts and culture in OKC



Playlist featuring local musicians

the mag

The Mag

Access to the magazine's current and past issues



Location-based listing of local restaurants and bars

The Solution:

When LaMont discovered that he could easily build his own app with Swiftic, he decided to "go mobile" and take the plunge.
"Como offered me maximum control without enduring the learning curve of brushing up on new code," he explained. "The deployment and analytics options were very alluring as well. After spending ample time engaging and learning the nuances of the Como dashboard, I decided to dive headfirst into the creation of my first app."
The Muve Mag app is a dynamic, interactive information hub that keeps readers in the know and gives users everything they need to stay connected to Oklahoma City's arts, culture, and current events. The app's news feed updates users on everything from breaking news to local-business promotions to open mic nights around the town.

"Ultimately, it's an interactive news feed with countless possibilities. I often utilize this real estate for late-breaking news updates, highlighting local musicians, notifying my users of special events in the area, and bringing awareness of the vast amount of locally owned business promotions in the area," LaMont said.

Indeed, the app actively supports the growth of local businesses and gives back to the community.

quote image The mobile app has turned readers into doers. With streamlined updates on events and local dining destinations, more people are receiving content and attending these destinations.”

For music lovers, the app includes a streaming playlist showcasing the city's unique musical artists. It also features a comprehensive listing of the hottest events around town—perfect for locals and tourists alike. And to make sure OKC revelers never miss a beat, the app features a geo-targeted listing of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants based on users' real-time current location.

The Results:

The Muve Mag app has made the popular publication more accessible to a considerably larger number of readers. The app has also made content delivery faster and more relevant to its predominantly mobile user base.

quote image With the Muve Mag app, I am able to deliver new and exciting content to the readers of the Muve Magazine publication,” LaMont said. ”I believe that experiencing Muve Mag on this level is organic and natural for my readers.”

Since the app's launch, Muve Mag's readership has increased by nearly 40 percent. And this steadily growing popularity and readership has opened new channels for monetization. For one, the magazine has become a prime advertising vehicle for local businesses. And the high user engagement rate has enabled the magazine to generate more revenue from selling ad space, both directly on the app and via its email newsletters.

"I've learned that access equates to growth," LaMont explained. "Because of our mobile app development, we have witnessed tremendous growth in our readership, downloads, and impressions."

The steadily increasing success of Muve Mag—and its app—continues to reinforce this valuable lesson.

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