Tampa spa creates a mobile goldmine with a rich all-in-one app, enticing clients with irresistible offers, personalized push notifications, versatile loyalty cards, in-app booking, and specialty pages like Hot Deals.

increase in clients


increase in clients

increase in total sales


increase in total sales

increase in booking rate


in-app appointment booking rate

How They Did It

Dr. Marnita Sandifer wanted to consolidate various aspects of her specialty spa into one simple place—an app that would answer the needs of her mobile clients and drive new business. “Having a quality app gives you credibility,” she explains. “If you keep your customers engaged, they’ll come back.” She chose Swiftic for its interactive platform, affordability, and versatile small-business tools. Her app is a smashing success, and she continues to boost sales and win over customers with targeted push notifications about special deals and a variety of loyalty programs to suit a diverse clientele.

How they did it

How You Can Do It Too

Dr. Sandifer’s trump card is push notifications, which allow her to stay relevant by communicating with customers in real time. “I REALLY like the new push notifications platform—it allows me to put more personality in my messages,” she explains. She uses pushes strategically, and they play a key role in increasing sales and attracting clients. Here’s her advice to fellow small business owners about using push notifications to their best advantage.

incentivize app downloads

Make It Relevant

Send brief, valuable pushes with relevant content like coupons, special discounts, or limited-time offers customers will be eager to redeem.

communicate with customers

Give Them Options

Accommodate everyone among your clientele, including customers who check push notifications later in the day—they need to be engaged too.

dont overdo it

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t decrease the value of push notifications by sending them out all the time—the goal is to surprise and delight, not annoy.


Dr. Marnita E. Sandifer quote

My customers aren’t juggling a bunch of paper cards. Everything is in the phone; everything is part of the app.”

Dr. Marnita E. Sandifer

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