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The Business:

Located in the countryside of Kitchener, Ontario, the Wilmot Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive veterinary services to keep dogs and cats of all types and ages happy and healthy. The clinic's dedicated, compassionate staff puts an emphasis on understanding and nurturing the relationships between pets and their loving owners.

The Challenge:

When Dr. Robert Lofsky first opened the Wilmot Veterinary Clinic, his main challenge was to draw in local pet owners. The countryside is an ideal setting for animals, but for a new business, it was hard to get noticed—especially in today's market, where competition is constant and fierce. Dr. Lofsky tried everything, from putting up signs in the window to sending potential clients postcards in the mail. But he needed to find more effective ways to attract new customers and build a loyal client base. After doing a bit of research, the veterinarian decided that a mobile app was exactly what he needed to expand his practice and get discovered by pet owners in the area. The only problem was that he didn't have the time, resources, or technical know-how to create one himself.


Special Features


Discounts, free first exams, and seasonal specials

Our Staff

Meet the clinic's friendly and compassionate staff

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Instant access to pets' records and helpful resources

After Hours

Emergency care and after-hours information

The Solution:

Dr. Lofsky tested out five different do-it-yourself app-creation platforms. He quickly decided to go with Como because of its easy-to-use interface and affordability, and he was able to create a custom app for his clinic in a matter of minutes.

quote image I especially liked that I was able to figure the platform out intuitively, just by playing around with the features and without reading any manuals,” Dr. Lofsky explained. “I was even able to demo the app on my phone and show it to friends and colleagues.”

The Wilmot Veterinary Clinic app gives pet owners all the information they need about their pets, right at their fingertips, and gives Dr. Lofsky a direct channel to his clients wherever they may be. Through the app, pet owners can access their pets' health records, refill prescriptions, and schedule appointments. The app also provides emergency care information and timely updates, so that pet owners can stay connected to the clinic 24/7. Last but not least, Dr. Lofsky regularly attracts new clients to his business by offering special deals like mobile in-app coupons for a free exam.

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The Results:

The Wilmot Veterinary Clinic app has contributed hugely to the clinic's growing success, providing an invaluable service to the community's animal lovers and their pets.

Since launching the app, Dr. Lofsky has attracted dozens of new customers thanks to the app's Coupons feature. The app has also improved the clinic's organic listings on Google. “The app has helped me penetrate other areas of online marketing,” the vet explained.

Needless to say, both the human and pet populations of Kitchener continue to benefit from the clinic's app and its host of helpful features and services.

dr robert

quote image I have a relatively new practice and am currently building my client base. The app helps people discover my clinic and makes my practice stand out.”

Dr. Robert Lofsky, Wilmot Veterinary Clinic

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