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Connect with your customers wherever they are, keeping them engaged and coming back for more. Our wide range of features and tools will help you increase your sales by providing a seamless and personalized experience for your customers. Whether you're looking to create an app for your retail store, restaurant, or service business, Swiftic has everything you need to create a powerful and engaging mobile app. 

Push Notifications

Send notifications from your smartphone or computer to instantly grab your customers' attention and show them what your business has to offer.

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Your Mobile Store

Just because you take a break doesn't mean your sales need to! Stay open 24/7 and make shopping more convenient with your own mobile store.

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Tools for Lasting Success

  • Keep your app fresh by adding your content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other sites.
  • Get more customers to use your app through emails, QR-enhanced stickers, and online tools.
  • Our dedicated success team is here to help you build customer loyalty through your app.
  • Learn how to optimize your app by watching trends in the ways customers use it.
  • We guide you through every step of getting your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play.
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