3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Your Business App


Every client wants to shop at a trustworthy business—one they can rely on to give them exactly what they’re looking for, and every business dreams of having loyal customers—clients who come back week after week, month after month. The key to building lasting relationships is combining these desires.

The same goes for every small business. Customers aim for tasty and well-priced food at their favorite restaurant. Gym members want trainers and a fitness center they feel comfortable with. So the million dollar question is, how do you gain and retain these relationships to run a successful business?

A mobile app gives plenty of features businesses can use to build and keep their clientele. Offering coupons and loyalty cards are excellent ways to attract new customers and keep existing ones happy, while reducing overhead costs of purchasing physical cards.

And if you haven’t created
your business app yet…

Using the example of a Salon, let’s take a closer look at how to implement these 3 ways into your business app.

free blowout coupon

1. Attract New Customers with Coupons

Easily attract new customers and gain app downloads with Como’s Coupon feature!

This incredible tool allows you to provide discounts and special offers exclusively for your app users, and there are many variations you can offer. For example, offer a coupon for a free blowout when purchasing a cut or dye, 15% off all Monday morning appointments during the month of January (or your slowest booking times), or entice new clients with 20% off their first appointment. You can also appeal to your existing clients by offering a Client Appreciation coupon of 10% off on their next visit.

It’s important to remember that a coupon is a tool that gains loyalty and trust from your customers—it isn’t to “give away” your services. Every coupon you create is meant to ensure the longevity of your salon.

Once you’ve created your Como app add the Coupon button on the Features page and follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Select your coupon type from the three options. You can offer discounted coupons (percentage off), Buy & Get (4 + 1 Free), and Custom Offer (create your own coupon).
  • Enter the details of your coupon. Give your deal a name, brief description, disclaimer, and upload an image.
  • Enter the exact savings you are offering. Choose your preferred currency and enter the original price of your deal. When picking the discount type, you can choose a percent or dollar amount. The discounted price will appear in the New Price column.
  • Enter the dates and details. Add the date your coupon is valid from (a calendar is there to assist you) until it expires. You can leave your coupon open or limit days/hours if needed. Write a few details or a description of your coupon for your customers. Including a Terms of Agreement link is optional.
  • Click the Add button once everything looks exactly how you want it to, and your coupon will appear on your Salon app.

blowout loyalty card

2. Keep ‘Em Coming Back with Loyalty Cards

Reward returning customers with Como’s Loyalty Card feature!

This amazing feature is always a fan favorite, and it’s a great way to encourage clients to choose your salon and products over your competitors’. For example, you can offer a loyalty card that rewards your customer with a free haircut, such as “Get 9 haircuts and receive the 10th one free.” And if you want to pump up your merchandise sales, you can make a 7 + 1 card, which gives your customers a free product (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray…) after they purchase 7 bottles.

When choosing how you want to create your loyalty card, remember to focus on the goals of your salon. Will you gain a higher loyalty and return rate by offering free services (haircuts, coloring, manicures…) or free products? Consider this when creating your loyalty cards because you might decide that your salon needs both options. Don’t forget that loyalty cards are part of a long-term strategy to increase profit and build a stronger clientele, and it takes patience and time to reap the benefits.

With Como’s Loyalty Card Program, you have many ways to incorporate this feature.

  • Choose the number of stamps you want to include. For example, 9 + 1 Free—After 9 blowouts, the next one is free, and fill out your Free Slot (the item your customer receives for free).
  • Choose the stamp icons which will appear on your card. This can be a generic icon, a hairdryer, brush, or mirror for example, or you can upload an icon of your choosing. It is always wise to choose an icon that represents the type of Loyalty Card you are giving—a hairdryer icon for the free blowout.
  • Enter the details. Include the name of the card, description of the loyalty program, the unlock code, validity dates, and check the box if there is a daily limit or not.
  • Design your loyalty card. Here you can design your card from scratch by uploading a picture and card background from any picture or company logo. Just as with your stamp icon, you want your Loyalty Card picture to reflect the type of card you are making.
  • Click the Add button to add your loyalty card to your app.

Congratulations! Your business has two new tools that are guaranteed to bring satisfaction to both you and your clients.

Now, let’s look at one more bonus feature your salon can use to boost sales!

3. Engage Your Customers with Celebrity Trends

Remember when Jennifer Aniston caused a hairstyle frenzy with “The Rachel”? Women were flocking to their local salons with pictures of the famous haircut to duplicate the look. With celebrity obsession at an all-time high, salons have the opportunity to take advantage of hair trends. Here are two trendy examples to add to your app:

  • Haircut of the Week: A weekly feature the app uses to display various trendy hairstyles. Post a celebrity picture, describing the type of haircut and style. Give tips on how to maintain the style with various ways to wear it. Inspire your customers, giving them extra motivation to come in and try something new. Use the Custom Feature to add a photo, short description, and even a discount. You can also import your Instagram Feed and the hashtag, #haircutoftheweek, for your own unique app feed.
  • Updo of the Week: Girls are always looking for fun, new updos. Special events such as weddings and proms are times when updos are especially sought out. Use these moments by posting a weekly updo, and again, give tips and advice about each style. You could incorporate the Custom feature, or use Como’s Live Album feature to post fun updo pictures.

Whether you want to begin with just one, or add all three features to your app, is up to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a salon owner, a restaurant entrepreneur, or even a musician – your app and its unique Coupon and Loyalty Card features will be a tool your clients will love!

And if you still need to create your own salon app, Como’s DIY app builder will take you step-by-step in making your own customized app.

Build Lasting Loyalty
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