Welcome to the first lesson of your first mobile-sale crash course!

A few words about this course before you sink your teeth in.

Our job here at Como is to show you effective new ways to grow your business with a mobile app. And we’re going to do this by teaching you how to use our unique loyalty programs and advanced revenue-generating features to get heaps of repeat customers and drive business.

See, your success is our success. Which means we don’t just give you a DIY mobile app solution. We’re also fully committed to supplying you with all the resources and guidance you need to make your app—and your business—prosper and grow.

Our comprehensive Learning Center is here to help you do it. And because we know that as a business owner, you don’t always have the time for in-depth courses on our various app features, we’ve put together this introductory crash course. In these seven lessons, you’ll get an “executive summary” of everything you need to know to get your first mobile sale (and the hundreds that will follow). We’ve also included a list of bonus reading materials in case you want to dig deeper.

Ready to open the floodgates to all those mobile transactions?

Let’s start.

Mobile coupons are sizzling hot these days. So hot, in fact, that in 2014, there were 560 million mobile coupon users worldwide. And by 2019 this number is expected to rise to 1.05 billion!

Customers love them because unlike their paper cousins, they don’t need to be cut out and stashed away for later use. Instead, they’re simply sent, saved, and redeemed right in one convenient place— their smartphone.

In addition to being a huge hit with your customers, Como’s in-app coupons are also really fun and easy to make. Our Mobile Coupons tool lets you design and create a wide variety of coupon types including discounts, buy & get, custom offers, and much more. For real-life examples from veteran Como members who have used coupons to reel in the customers, check out this lesson’s bonus materials.

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