NEW YORK, May 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Conduit (www.conduit.com), the recognized leader in breakthrough mobile and web engagement solutions, today announced the relaunch of its Conduit Mobile business unit as Como™. The new brand identity reflects the product’s evolution as the leading do-it-yourself (DIY) mobile app-creation platform for small and medium-sized businesses.  Como now powers more than 600,000 apps around the world, with over 3,500 apps created every day—70% of which are created by small business owners. Como publishers collectively engage over 10 million daily active users as more businesses are developing their own apps to maximize their profitability and compete in today’s market.

“Como’s rapid success demonstrates what happens when you break down the technological and economic barriers that have prevented many businesses from creating their own mobile apps,” said Li-at Karpel Gurwicz, Vice President of Marketing at Como. “As millions of consumers today turn to their smartphones and tablets to shop, search, order, and pay, even the smallest businesses need to reach their customers on mobile devices. The tremendous growth we’ve seen since our launch in 2010 has led us to today’s introduction of Como—a distinct brand that serves the needs of modern businesses and allows them to connect with their customers wherever they happen to be.”

As part of the launch, Como is introducing the Como Console—a revolutionized version of the popular mobile app-creation platform. With a redesigned look and feel and enhanced user experience, the Como Console provides small and medium-sized businesses with an all-in-one solution for creating, promoting, and managing apps for all major mobile devices, with no coding required. The Como Console’s expanded suite of features and services gives businesses everything they need to become an integral part of their customers’ mobile lifestyle and thrive in today’s digital world.

The Como Console delivers a sleek and simple interface with new design themes and an expanded menu of colors, icons, layouts, style, and backgrounds, making it easier than ever to create beautiful mobile apps tailored to specific business segments. Publishers can also access a new business management dashboard where they can track business results and oversee a range of revenue-generating activities, such as customer reservations and orders, deliveries, coupons, loyalty cards, in-app sales, and other promotions.

The Como Console also offers advanced monetization features, including in-app payment options for both digital and brick-and-mortar goods and services. The first of the Como Console’s new monetization offerings is an expanded collaboration between Como and Amazon. Following a successful affiliation with Amazon that began last year, Como publishers can automatically submit their apps to the Amazon Appstore for download on Kindle Fire devices.

The Como Console features three groundbreaking integrations to help restaurant-focused businesses more efficiently and seamlessly service their on-the-go customers.

Como also goes beyond design and business management. With the Como Console’s new Marketing Genie, a comprehensive marketing resource center, premium publishers can promote their app, get more downloads, and attract new customers—both on and offline. The Genie includes a micro-advertising solution for Como publishers to automatically develop and distribute customized Facebook advertising campaigns for their apps. It also provides a toolkit for publishers to promote their app at their actual place of business, including customizable window stickers, certificates, and other print materials that display the app name and QR code. Como will provide a service to print and deliver these promotional materials directly to the publisher’s storefront for immediate display.

The launch of the Como Console is intended to meet a growing trend of small businesses providing real value to their customers via their mobile apps, as demonstrated by Como usage data. Features like loyalty cards and mobile coupons are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses utilize the platform to build their mobile presence and drive engagement and sales. Almost half of all Como-powered apps contain coupons, with businesses seeing in-app coupon claims nearly double in the last six months alone. Apps featuring loyalty cards have seen a 250% growth of user stamps over the last three months—and 70% of app users who use mobile loyalty cards get them stamped regularly. In addition, over 20 million push notifications reach Como app users each month, generating engagement and boosting sales for thousands of brands and businesses.

Along with its new brand, Como has launched a new website and blog, as well as an expansive marketing campaign. Through a multi-faceted digital media campaign running across Google, YouTube, and Facebook, Como plans to introduce the brand to small business owners and highlight the myriad ways businesses can take advantage of mobile technology to grow their business and connect with the modern consumer. Additionally, Como is holding a contest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allowing businesses to share photos and stories of their #ComoMoments for a chance to win Amazon gift vouchers.

Como will celebrate its launch by hosting a summit in New York City to honor National Small Business Week and underscore the brand’s value to the small business community. The summit, which will take place on Wednesday, May 14, brings together the top minds in tech and business to explore the economic and cultural forces driving the intersection of technology and small businesses in cities across America. The summit includes panels and workshops that will provide small businesses with valuable insights to help them succeed in a mobile world. The event, moderated by small business expert Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady) and entrepreneur and technologist Anil Dash (@anildash), features high-level representatives from Como, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Amazon, Etsy, the New York City Mayor’s Office, and other prominent companies, organizations, and business owners. For a live stream of the summit, please visit www.como.com.

About Como
Como™ is the world’s leading do-it-yourself app-creation platform, powering more than 600,000 small business apps around the world—with over 3,500 new apps created every day. Founded in 2010, Como makes it easy for brands and businesses to become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyle, helping them build lasting loyalty and thrive in today’s digital world. Featuring a host of customization options, advanced features, and marketing tools, Como’s unique platform enables anyone to quickly and easily create custom mobile apps and sites for all major mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, and HTML5), with minimal cost and no coding necessary. Como is a division of Conduit, a leading global software innovation company.


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