Get Started – Customize and Design Your App

Get to know the easy-to-use Como interface for mobile app design and creation. Switch between design templates and add features with the click of a button—we’ve made it so simple.

It's more than an app.
It's the key to a successful business.

Let’s get started learning about how to customize and design our Como app. After you’ve created a new app and logged in, you’ll be taken to your My Apps page, which looks like this. I see my app here, all I need to do is click, Edit App, and we’ll be taken to the inner Como interface. As you’ll soon find out, Como is extremely simple to use, and extremely simple to add content and create a style and navigation system for your app. The Como interface is split into two categories: App Pages and Style & Navigation.

Let’s take a quick look at App Pages. Here, you can add anything that you want to your app, you just click the Plus button. You’ll get a set of options. Let’s try Facebook. So we’ve got a page name that we can change. We can enter our Facebook URL, then we can choose whether we want it to be a Post or a Feed.

In the Style and Navigation section you can change things like your theme, you can select your navigational layout, you change the style of your app, and you change colors of all the content. You can change an app background, and you can also change any of your app info, such as the name of your app and your app icon. And as if Como wasn’t already easy enough to use, you can click on the question mark icon, you’ll see some dots appear, and you can roll over those and it’ll explain exactly what everything is.

On the right side you can change your view, based on the type of mobile device a user could possibly be using. When you’re done making changes, simply discard those changes, or save them. When you’re done editing your app, you simply click the Done Editing button, and you’ll be taken back to your app’s dashboard.

Now that you’ve taken a tour of the Como interface and figured out just how easy it is to build an app using Como, take a few minutes to check out all the features that Como offers for building an app. Once you’ve done this, just like me, I’m sure you’ll decide that Como is an outstanding app builder, and it’s one that’s easy enough for absolutely everybody to use.